September 30, 2009

Exercises to stop grinding teeth

grinding teeth
Grinding teeth (bruxism in dental jargon) is like snoring or sleep apnea, you do not you have it until somebody else tells you. You can be making the creepiest sounds with your mouth at night but you can stay totally unaware of it if you sleep alone, however your mouth would give you’re the alert.

Worn-out and cracked teeth and aching jaw can be the signs of hectic teeth at night. One common solution is sleeping a teeth grinding guard that I’m sure most people hate wearing or find useless. That is why I want to present you this natural solution: mouth exercises.

Mouth exercises will loosen your jaws and stop your teeth grinding:

Exercise #1: Try relaxing your jaw completely so your upper and bottom teeth could barely touch each other. When you feel your teeth clenching on your jaws tightening, try to “catch” yourself and relax them.

Exercise #2: Loose your lips and make a “brrr” sound. Only your lips should vibrate, keep doing it until your lips feel really loose.

Exercise #3: massage the area around your lips before you go to sleep.

Exercise #4: when laying in bed tough the back side of your teeth with the tip of your tongue.  Start from the last teeth of the bottom row all along to the other side, and do the same with the back aside of the upper jaw.  Do it slowly.

Exercise #5: Pout your lips like a fish and make a wide grin. Alternate a few times, and then tap your jaw and cheeks lightly with your fingertips.

Hope this makes you feel better!


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