September 30, 2007

Did you know that not everyone has wisdom teeth?

That's right, there are super lucky individuals who will never undergo the dread pain and discomfort of wisdom teeth. And why is that? Genetic reasons determine whether any or the four-set of wisdom teeth come put or not. But before you jump on your feet...these cases are not the most.

The second option is that any wisdom tooth or the four erupt and join your other teeth to perfom the chewing process.

The third option –and the most troublesome- si they get partially or totally trapped in the maxilar bone or the jaw that rproduce much more pain and discomfort than the second option, and that will require an immediate visit to your dentist.

Note: If you didn’t know, wisdom teeth are called this way becasue they appear between the ages of 18 and 25 years old, when the person has arrived to the age of “wisdom”.

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