September 30, 2009

Exercises to stop grinding teeth

grinding teeth
Grinding teeth (bruxism in dental jargon) is like snoring or sleep apnea, you do not you have it until somebody else tells you. You can be making the creepiest sounds with your mouth at night but you can stay totally unaware of it if you sleep alone, however your mouth would give you’re the alert.

Worn-out and cracked teeth and aching jaw can be the signs of hectic teeth at night. One common solution is sleeping a teeth grinding guard that I’m sure most people hate wearing or find useless. That is why I want to present you this natural solution: mouth exercises.

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September 28, 2009

Tips for sensitive teeth care

sensitive teeth
Although you have the whitest and straight marbles, having sensitive teeth can make your perfect smile turn into a sour grin.

The sudden ache you feel is caused is produced by the disturbance on the nerve endings of your teeth. No too cold neither too hot drinks, nor too sour or sweet food are good for me. Even opening my mouth can let the air make me ache. Damn, how can I enjoy life like this?

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