February 28, 2008

Nutritional tips for white teeth

Are we what we eat? Every time I discover more about dental care, the more I’m convinced it is true.

Coffee, tea, sodas, candy plus some drinking and the smoking there you have your yellow teeth. But it can also be due to the intake of medications. And on top of that you don’t get a three-time-a-day thorough dental brush, no surprise you not only have white teeth but also healthy teeth.However, you prevent your teeth from going yellow at home by eating food that cleanse and whiten your teeth as apples and pears which remove tartar or carrots and cucumber which eliminate acids.

Here, some cleansing foods for teeth:

Vegetables and fresh fruits: orange, melon, pineapple, pear, tangerine, grapefruit, canned fruits, natural fruit and vegetable juices, carrots, cucumber, broccoli, celery and tomatoes.

Grains and some bakery: sugar free cereals, butter free popcorn, bread and cookies.

Milk and milk products: skimmed milk, skimmed yogurt and fat free cheese.

Meat and seeds: chicken, turkey, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and nuts.

Others: tacos and pizza.

Other tips for white teeth:

  • Use white vinegar instead of the red vinegar.
  • Drink white wine and light spirits as vodka, instead of red wine, rum or whisky.
  • Eat white meat instead of red meat.
  • Prepare white sauces instead of dark sauces.
  • Drink white grape fruit instead of purple grapefruit.
  • And, have vanilla ice cream instead of chocolate ice cream.
Last by not least, you can still keep eating some candy as far as you eat them right away, since the more you keep them in your mouth (gums, lollipops, etc.).

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