September 28, 2009

Tips for sensitive teeth care

sensitive teeth
Although you have the whitest and straight marbles, having sensitive teeth can make your perfect smile turn into a sour grin.

The sudden ache you feel is caused is produced by the disturbance on the nerve endings of your teeth. No too cold neither too hot drinks, nor too sour or sweet food are good for me. Even opening my mouth can let the air make me ache. Damn, how can I enjoy life like this?

Coping with sensitive teeth
  • Do not brush your teeth too hard. First of all you have to choose a gentle-bristled toothbrush thus you can keep your oral hygiene without causing your gums heaving away from your teeth. If this happens, it exposes the protective layer of your teeth roots, called dentin, leaving your tooth nerves sensitive to all kind of stimuli.
  • Get sensitive teeth toothpaste. Toothpaste makers think of you, so you can find toothpaste for your sensitive teeth. Use them regularly and you would notice how sensitivity will eventually decrease.
    You can apply a thin layer of toothpaste with a piece of cotton on the sensitive tooth roots. Make sure you use a fluoridated and not a tartar control paste.
  • Take it easy with the mouthwash. There are some mouthwash products that contain acidic chemicals and alcohol that worsen your sensitive tooth. Therefore, it is better you go for neutral fluoride solutions that would not aggravate the sensitivity of your teeth.
  • Avoid staining food and drinks. In order to save you money and pain in tooth whitening treatments and whitening products you better avoid this kind of foods. You can try using a straw when drinking colas or any other staining drinks.
  • Avoid erosive food and drinks. Erosive means it produces a reaction in your sensitive teeth, such as smoothies, ice cream and others like that.  After you take this foods and drinks, it is good you rinse your mouth with water with a neutral fluoride mouthwash. You have to wait up to an hour for brushing your teeth.
  • Get mild teeth whitening products. Most of them contain peroxide and baking soda which increases the sensitivity of teeth dentins. Consult your dentist for teeth bleaching products for your condition.
Source: Tips for moms

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Jony Gibson said...

Thanks for the tips as they are certainly helpful. Besides those I’d also like to add one point if you allow me to do so when you have sensitive teeth make sure that you focus on that also. Thus that will be more productive.

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