October 06, 2006

Immediate load dental implants

In regarding to this type of teeth implants, dentists say is putting is risk the possibility that the bone integrates well to the bone, since this process does not occur immediately, and therefore, if we load an tooth implant early, we are risking to loose it. This does not mean it can not be done, but it is just less safe and just applicable to certain cases, for instance, if the patient has lost one dental piece, where the placing would not be meaningful; and when the person is committed to take care of herself.

In tooth whitening treatment as well for the titanium bone integrated implants, the fundamental is to get a good dental diagnosis before getting committed to a dentist. Not al patients require teeth bleaching and not all can have all his teeth form one day to the other. In Odontology it is always better to realize a methodic and safe work before trying compromising solutions that promise wonders in 5 minutes, but put in danger our health and our pocket.

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October 04, 2006

Who can not get bone integrated dental implant?

Unfortunately, due to certain medical conditions the bone integrated dental implant treatment is not recommended for some groups of people. So if you belong to one or more of these discuss with your doctor what other dental replacement possibilities you have:

– Diabetes patients: Due to blood microcirculation problems.
– People who have received cancer radiation treatment: they present a diminishing of bloodstream in the dental bones.
– Smoking patients: They would have to quit smoking for along period before the teeth implant treatment.
– Children and teenagers: In case your child has lost some of his/her teeth, it is recommendable to wait until his/her growing process if finished to avoid atrophies.
The best option is using an adhesive prosthesis that hide the defect in a very esthetic way until the patient has the enough age to use titanium tooth implants.

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October 02, 2006

Dental implants, teeth forever

Modern dental implantology is a whole revolution fro dental problem that could only be solved with a painful dental surgery that at the end did not solve the problem completely.

Titanium teeth implants used nowadays have an easy adaptation to dental bone structure; they were accidentally discovered by the Swedish Per Ingvar Branemark in 1965, who installed titanium microcameras in rabbit bones to test the microcirculation of those pieces, and when he tried to take them out, he couldn’t, they have “stuck to the bone”.

In these days it is possible to replace all the teeth, some of them or just one dental piece. The great advantage of this technique is its functional and esthetic results at 1005 respect to the natural piece.

The time the titanium implant takes to integrate to the dental bone, “the waiting time” is variable. In the frontal part of the lower jaw would take around four months, and in the upper jaw, around six months, times that have been reducing over time. In the meantime, the patient will wear provisional dental prosthesis to stand the teeth implants with more stability, until fulfilling the total bone integration.

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