May 28, 2006

5 basic things you should never do

Just to remind you, or in case you had any idea how these common habits can be actually very harmful for your bteeth and oral health if you do not put them under control.

1. Do not smoke.
2. Do not take too much caffeine. Leave that coffee mug down.
3. Try anise, mint, coke tea or any other healthy herbal tea that will keep you warm and will not damage your stomach, liver and teeth!
4. Reduce your consume of sugar and foods that contain it.
5. Not abuse from the tea nor colas. Sorry, but red wine doesn’t help either.

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May 27, 2006

Watch out your gums!

Attention to the contraindications and the secondary effects:
Be aware that teeth whitening may not be suitable for

- Young teeth
- During pregnancy.
- Teeth with deep cracks
- Teeth with fine enamel.
- If your teeth have previous fillings, this must be sustited to match with the new color of your teeth.If your have fixed porcelain prothesis, these must aslso be sustituted to match the color.

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May 26, 2006

How to make long-lasting the whiteness of your teeth

The following tips we give you to keep the whitenes of your teeth are quite simple and easy to do at home or at your working place.

ALWAYS keep in mind how lustruous and healthy your teeth will look if you:

- Try as much as you can to slow down with tobacco.
- Avoid foods that stain your teeth as the ones previosuly mentioned.
- Give your teeth a very fussy cleaning

- Brushing them 3 times a day (after each meal)

- Using a fluoride toothpaste- Choosing an anatomic and delicate-haired toothbrush to protect your gums from abrasion while brushing.

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May 25, 2006

Is this a safe treatment?

Yes, it is, under a strict and correct use of whitening techniques. No damage on enamel, dentin, pulp, gums or dental prothesis have been reported. For this reason, always remember to go to a good oral health care specialist.

However, there are minimal side effects during or after the whitening treatment like the hipersensitivity to cold or heat, sore throats, gum irritation and white patches may appear in the gums lines. Nevertheless, this symptons do not appear in the majority of people and do not last for so long. In case those persist, might be as the result of external factors that you should consult to your doctor.

During the treatment there is no loss of enamel nor dentin. Applications are controlled so that you don't swallow hydrogen peroxide.

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May 24, 2006

How much the treatment lasts?

The whitening’s duration depends on the type of treatment you have chosen. Generally, the treatment in meant to last three years (of professional whitening), yet it depends on the after care that each person give to her teeth to keep them white. For that reason, it’s better if you start changing or quitting bad habits such as smoking, having staining foods and drinks, and giving your teeth a proper and careful daily brush.

To make it more long-lasting, you can get touch-ups every 3 or 6 months after the initial application.

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May 23, 2006

The power of a sexy smile ;)

We all want our mate to want us and desire us. And if we are single, but looking for dating a seductive look and smile can help us to make a dashing impact on the first date.

You bet that many people admire a person with nice teeth. Most people like outgoing, approachable and smiley people. What could be better than a person that transmists all these things we like through a honest, fresh and fun smile? Grumpy faces, hiding your mouth with your hand –OK, I agree with the ones who think this gesture could be sweet but for more others, it may mean shyness and insecurity- or closed smiles doesn’t win many hearts.

Do not forget: A beautiful open smile gives a contagious positive good mood to other people, makes you look younger and more attractive for sure!

For instance, beauty pageant contestants not only pass through several body-shaping surgeries, hair and make-up make-overs, but also through dental cosmetic arrangements. The secret of a jury-captivating smile is to make the teeth a little bit “rabbit-looking”, that is straight, square and slightly big to impact with an impecable whiteness. Veneers, have become lately the favorite ones among them and celebrities. Do not confuse them with braces, these ones are aimed to correct teeth’s position and direction –that’s why it is a long process of one year at least -, ont he other hand, veneers are a cosmetic technique that quickly modifies their natural size and shape as do.

One practical tip: Record yourself talking (to the wall or whatever you have in front) for 5-10 minutes sit down or stan up not paying too much attention to the camera, then watch the tape and (this an exercie I started practicing in college for oral expression and speech) observe in detail every of your gestures: face, hands and posture.

If you want something more practical just watch yourself in the mirror or ask any close relative or friend to tell you what he or she considers wrong in your interaction.

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May 22, 2006

What is the treatment about?

Teeth whitening is a process for teeth lightening and stain-removal. It consists in bleaching -that’s why it is also known as teeth bleaching- the enamel and dentin, the main components of a tooth; and brightening discolored teeth. It takes from 30 minutes to an hour.

Our teeth loose lustruosity and strengh with aging. But in these days with the fast and careless lifestyles that many people have nocive habits such as smoking and drinking (coffee, tea, red-wine, colas, etc), bad nutrition (too much processed food, sugar) and taking antibiotics as tetracycline, or too much fluoride are accelarating this process. It’s not hard to find teens with yellowish teeth!

It MUST be done by a professional dentist. Although there are available many home whitening products, these could not produce the desired results if you dont’ know how to use them properly. You must always take into consideration that these products could damage and weaken over time the teeth’s surfaces due to their chemical potency.
This process does not assure a 100% whiteness; instead it lightens the pigmentation of your teeth.

Nowadays there are many whitening methods; the most popular are:

Professional bleaching- Loaded tray teeth whitening: Which is the most common an used one. It’s quite safe and makes your teeth from 2-5 shades lighter. Hydrogen Peroxide or carbamide peroxide is used in this kind of treatment. This liberates oxygen to the teeth and oxidizes stains and cracks, thereby brightening the tooth’s color. For this procedure, the dentist checks if there are any cavities in your mouth, once they are detected they are repaired and removes any plaque upon onto your teeth. After this, he proceeds to cover your gums with gels, and a special tray with whitening gel is customized inside your mouth, and it is meant for you te keep it from 2 to 3 weeks.

Laser tooth whitening-Power whitening: Now becoming more popular because of its more conspicuous results – it can make your teeth 6-8 shades lighter- and the short time is takes. to protect the gums, the dentist covers them with a suitable cover, and then applies a 35% Hydrogen Peroxide solution onto the teeth. After this, he uses laser beams to activate the product’s chemical components.

However, this method can become more damaging than the first one and, it’s definetely much more expensive.

Blue light whitening: A blue light is used to activate peroxide’s action on the teeth. The effects of the tretament are almost immediateand last for several years.

Self-whitening products: Which include peroxide-carbamide gels, white strips directly pasted on the dental area, band aids, whitening toothspastes (check out their ingredients because they can be quite abrasive for teeth enamel), among others. They are made with peroxide bleaching compounds. They are not aimed to change your teeth’s color, but still they can remove stains from the outer layer, improving your smile’s appearance.

Even though these have the great advantage of being less expensive and is peefect for people who have not ime to go to the dental clinic and for those who prfer to do it in the privacy of their own home.

There are two ways for this:

At-office: You can contact a dental health care professional who will come to your working place to fit in your mouth a tray with a mixture of peroxide, and gives you an oral kit for you to finish the procedure at home.

At-home (nightguard bleaching): This is the following step after the at-office application. You must follow by heart the instructions given by the dental professional on how to apply the bleaching solutions which may be worn from two hours minimum or all night long, depending on your tooth discoloration needs.

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A big smile always opens many doors

...And if it is white and perfect much better, right?

I think that most people agree with me that first sight impression may bring your image to the top or otherwise, take it to the tumb. Let’s face it, even if it affects our intellectual ego: Appearance does matter. Human beings are quite visual, and the first we see from a person is her appearance, not her personality.

The first look, meet, encounter or date with another person is decisive and it MUST be “pleasantly striking”. I know it sounds shallow and you have heard it thousand times before –i used to resist to believe it- but really, most people treat you based on how you look, even the ones who seem or say that are unaware of it.

It’s not just an aesthetic cool-looking matter –which should never become an ongoing nightmare to anyone- but it is a matter of hygiene and good health. It is a fact that we feel more comfortable talking to and being next to someone who looks tidy and clean - and if he or she is a charming person much better- than with someone who doesn’t. And when we look good,we definetely feel really good.

As well, it’s true that having a white shiny smile goes along with straight and perfectly- shaped teeth. For more info related to this check out: Cosmetic dentistry and veneers.

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