March 24, 2007

How to fix those separated teeth

One of the teeth abnormalities that calls attention the most, in people of all ages is diastema, or the gap between the upper central incisors. This empty space is normal before the permanent canine come up.

It is usual when canine erupt, this space closes in, but there is the chance this does not happen due to:

- The absence of the lateral incisors.- There is a supernumerary tooth (one extra tooth) located between the two upper central teeth. On an X-ray it is shown how this tooth impairs the two central teeth get close. - Lip frenum(frenillo) with low insertion. This can be solved with a frenum surgery or fraenum removal after the eruption of the permanent canine and the placement of a device that helps keep the incisors together until the formation of dental bone around them until the final closing.

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It is important to consider the treatment for teeth gap, not only for an esthetic reason, but also to bolster self-esteem, particularly in children and teenagers, who can be easily picked on by their classmates, which of course, has a deep psychological that can alter their academic performance.

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