November 09, 2007

What happens when a wisdom tooth comes up partially?

In case wisdom teeth emerge partially, and the rest of them stay submerged, the surrounding gum may get infected and inflamed. This leads to swelling of the cheek and the neck.

Becomes worse in times of stress…

This swelling, called pericornitis, tends to become acute in times of high stress when the immune system is not at its best condition, and when bacteria lie in wait for of infection the crown of the wisdom tooth.

How bacteria get into wisdom teeth

Usually at the end of the mouth, where wisdom teeth are placed, there is a gum flap that may extend over the tooth’s surface. Debris and food may get trapped inside under this gum, and this obviously leads to infection.

When wisdom teeth emerge well or bad

When the wisdom tooth emerges in good position, the flap can be trimmed, so any infection will be avoided. This procedure is called Operculectomy.

When the tooth does not emerge because there is no place for it, then it has to be extracted. A wisdom tooth extraction is done by an oral surgeon.

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November 08, 2007

What happens when you got an impacted wisdom tooth - Part I

So when going to the dentist for a wisdom tooth removal, and he/she tells you that this tooth is impacted, but what does this means and how it would affect your dental health?

Here we explain it to you easy if you didn’t catch well the idea at the dentist office…

What is an impacted wisdom tooth?

Wisdom tooth are the third molars, they are usually the most annoying of all teeth and get the most incredible forms and positions.

Here is where the problem comes, when all of our teeth have come up, there is no enough room for some “extra teeth” in the mouth. Therefore, when wisdom teeth try to emerge they get impacted under the bone, and they can not come up completely in the jaw.

What happens, then?

NO EXTRACTION. Most dentists prefer to leave these wisdom teeth alone because according to studies, an extraction would cause severe bone impaction, when actually they do rarely cause any infections neither push other teeth nor produce misalignment when left peacefully underneath the jaw.

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November 07, 2007

Valuable recommendations after a tooth extraction

After you have undergone a wisdom tooth extraction there are certain measures you have to take to ensure a successful - fast and thorough- healing of your mouth.


  • Keep the lint mildly tight in your mouth during 30 minutes
  • Apply an ice bag on your swollen cheek for 20 minutes, making some pauses if it feels too cold for you during the first day, maximum two.
  • Soft and liquid diet, and chew from the opposite side at least for the first 3 days.
  • Sleep with two pillows
  • Brush your teeth with a soft-bristle brush, trying not to reach the affected area. You can use lint or a piece of wool
  • In case you bleed more than normal, pout a new dry lint in your mouth and keep it softly chewed
  • If there is any complication do not hesitate in calling your dentist
  • Do not make any physical effort. No exercises, no computer work, no reading in uncomfortable positions, and do not bend. Just relax
  • Do not suck or inhale, do not make gargles or apply mouth wash
  • Do not drink hot drinks during the first 24 hours
  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol
  • Do not chew gum

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