April 06, 2009

Braces color, should I go colored or white?

On a previous post we talked about those little O-like colored rubber bands called ligatures, now let’s talk aesthetics for all you “dental fashionistas”…

Braces colors are like the rainbow, and considering that wearing braces is far from favoring to our looks, having the chance top choose our braces color is such a luxury.

By default color of braces is white or "transparent", as I prefer to call it. They look neat and “invisible” for the first days, but as time and food go by they will get awfully tarnished.

Foods and drinks stain ligatures and braces rubber bands, so they best thing to avoid the yellow teeth look is choosing colored braces.

Choose colors for braces according to your style:
  • Classic and discrete: smoke, platinum, light gray and dark gray.
  • Girly: light pink, hot pink and fuchsia.
  • Boyish: blue, navy blue, metallic blue, glow blue and cobalt blue.
  • Emo and goth: black and metallic black.
  • Ecological: green, emerald, jade, glow green, light green, dark green, spring green and metallic green.
  • Shockers: gold, orange, maroon, metallic purple, azure, sapphire, glow orange, red and teal.
  • Demanding: having ligatures of different colors on each tooth.
In case you have no choice by sticking to white colored braces make sure to cut down a bit on staining food and drinks as mustard, ketchup, curry, wine, coffee, tea, etc.


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