August 27, 2006

Lingual braces: A new esthetic challenge

Against more esthetic requirements from teenage and adult patients, comes up the necessity of giving a solution to crooked teeth. This way, orthodontists make new braces design: lingual braces, which allow getting results as good as with the braces placed outside the teeth.

Among the different models in the market, the most used worldwide are Dr. Craven Kurz’ 7th generation (G7) and the Scuzzo-Takemoto-Bracket (STB),d eveloped by the Ormco. With this new design they can reduce most of the first disturbances fro talking that patients had. For instance for deep bites, G7 braces are the most suitable.

With these new braces dentists are able to treat all kinds of malocclusions, including surgical patients or with periodontal diseases, refrained canines, open bites, overbites class II and III; and of course they can de used for the same purposes of the regular braces, with the same results.

Dentists do not have to acquire special instruments, except for some pliers of distal cut and the Weinghart pliers of long handle, that are very useful to work in the inner side of the mouth.
It’s also very important to point out a careful oral hygiene to avoid gingival inflammation, something, that with any other dental technique makes difficult the tooth movement.

There is no limitations for the use of this dental techniques, as always the dental practitioner is well trained to realize it. And, as in any other treatment, the treatment planning and objectives must be individualized for each patient, taking into account not only the malocclusion, but also the presence of cavities, plaque and rule out the presence of any oral disease.

As a conclusion, dentist comment that the number of patients demanding these braces is increasing, and living them excellent results and the plus of a more esthetic and natural look.


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