April 25, 2011

What is a dental flipper?

Have you watched the reality Toddlers & Tiaras? The first time I heard the word “dental flipper” was on the show about child beauty pageants.

Some of the little contestants are losing their teeth, so in order to improve their picture perfect smiles for the judges; parents get these devices for their daughters.

The dental flipper is a removable appliance made of acrylic that fills the spaces of missing teeth. It can have wires at the ends to be secured in the mouth.

Flippers for teeth are just a quick and temporary solution for people with missing teeth; they can NOT replace a permanent for bridgework They are neither an alternative to dental implants nor to veneers; the latter are used to improve the shape, size and color of –existing- teeth.

Even though dental flippers are much more inexpensive, they do not offer the endurance neither the comfort of dental bridges. They are not meant for eating, since this can wear gum tissue and the flipper itself.

Flippers cost range from $200 to $500, but this varies from dentists, the size of the flipper and the material. It is usually made of acrylic as I said lines above, but there is a Valplast flipper, a material more flexible and translucent, which offers a more aesthetic look.


Anonymous said...

A pageant flipper does not look like that, it actually covers all the teeth, not just missing spaces.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

where can i buy a flipper because my 6 year old daughter has horrible teeth and we keep entering pageants. usually i just tell her not to show her teeth when she smiles because the judges wont be able to see how rotten they are but we dont seem to be winning. please help me or i will have to stop my daughter from entering pageants. her teeth are a bit deformed and some are black...its really important that i get a flipper because her teeth let her down. would she be able to wear the flipper everyday because i dont like looking at her teeth either.....she has never been to the dentist because we dont have one near where i live there's only one that's 20 minutes away...please help me urgently or i will remove my child from pageants or scold her everytime she loses. my husband and i scold tianaquinna (our daughter) when she loses because its a waste of money. so we really need a flipper

Anonymous said...

its a place called unity smile and they make pageant flippers but they cost 200 i bought one for my daughter for pageants and she has done very well with the flipper

Jony Gibson said...

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